Harvesting Information From Data

Discerning the value of what you know

How Improved Data Management Improved Processing Times

Challenges – Data Analytics

Increasing data volumes are stressing scalability of systems.
Access and utilization of data are requiring high levels of investment.
Availability of resources with the necessary level of expertise are limited.
Regulatory and compliance issues around data creating complications.

Managing The Mountains Of Data Growing Daily Across Organizations

Payments organizations are seeking to leverage large volumes of multi-structured data for advanced data mining and predictive purposes so that operational decisions can be automated by using pattern-based, event-driven triggers lowering costs and increasing revenue sources.

How RS Software Is Helping Payment Organizations Turn Data To Information

By working with companies to analyze the quality of their data, establish best practice data governance, select data mining solutions, and implementation of big data solutions RS Software helps companies discern the value of what they know.


RS Software offers clients proven experience in data analytics including:

  • Proven merchant data management and enrichment
  • Reference data management and modeling platform
  • OLAP, predictive modeling, data mining and scorecards
  • Reporting, ad hoc queries, search based BI, dashboards
  • Frameworks for analytics, dashboards, reporting
  • Proof of concept environments

Examples Of The Results We Have Achieve

  • Established enterprise level ETL infrastructure to help client achieve higher performance for critical applications while reducing costs.

  • Migrated client to file-based data storage reducing maintenance costs and the cost of their physical database system.

  • Migrated multiple different warehouses from a mainframe based platform to UNIX-AIX based system using an ETL tool to improve operational efficiencies.

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