Competitive Merchant Acquiring

Adapting to the the rapid evolution of payments

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Issues Facing The Industry

Regulatory pressures are impacting economics of acquiring
Consolidation between acquirers continues at record rate.
Legacy systems are struggling to adapt to new technologies.
New entrants are threatening market share of traditional players.

The Best Of Times And The Worst Of Times For Acquirers

Merchant acquiring is an attractive business that currently continues to return significant value to its stakeholders. However, it is possible that no other segment in the payments space is facing as many potential business challenges and disruptive alternative technologies. For merchant acquiring, it is the best of times and the worst of times.

How RS Software Is Helping Acquirers Become More Competitive

Improving efficiencies with automating merchant management, onboarding, and underwriting. Delivering new technologies with mobile wallets an


RS Software offers clients proven experience in merchant acquiring including:

  • End-to-end EMV certification
  • Reducing manual overhead with automation
  • Optimizing interchange
  • Developing and integrating mobile wallets
  • Providing customized digital payment platforms
  • Improving fraud management and reporting

What Our Client Say

  • "RS Software is a partner we depend on to help us stay competitive with new technologies."

    Jason Kafer
    Chief Technology Officer – Base Commerce

Find Out Why It Is The Best and Worst of Times for Merchant Acquirers