Take QA & Testing To A New Level

Streamline operations and improve code coverage.

Learn How A Large Network Took Control Of QA & Testing Strategy

Issues Facing The Industry

Organizations are not achieving the code coverage necessary to avoid outages.
7 x 24 x 365 markets are requiring more continuous testing to ensure availability.
New payment methods are creating a need for new testing scenarios.
High testing loads are stressing available resources and processes.

Changing The Testing Paradigm To Accommodate Payments Innovation

Traditional testing tools and manual processes are being replaced by automated, continuous testing processes based on frameworks and accelerators that extend code coverage, lower overhead, optimize resources and extend to new devices and payment types.

How RS Software Is Helping Take QA and Testing To The Next Level

Utilizing reusable templates based on thousands of test scenarios and our expertise in certification, integration, device and UI testing, we improve test management and automation to streamline operations and improve code coverage.


RS Software offers clients proven experience in QA and testing including:

  • 200+ reusable test scenarios for authorization
  • 70+ reusable test scenarios for clearing and settlement
  • 60+ reusable test scenarios for dispute management
  • Automated QTP, Selenium, Web, ETL and API frameworks
  • Improvement of standardized maturity models; e.g., TMMi
  • End-to-end solution testing for EMV, PA DSS, wallets and more

Examples Of The Results We Deliver

  • Implemented automation framework for API, component and end-to-end testing that reduced overall effort by 50 percent and project cost by 10 percent.

  • Built automation accelerator on QTP and Selenium for SOAP UI that reduced script generation by 40 percent and test suite maintenance by 30 percent.

  • Utilized DMAIC process to achieve testing optimization that reduced rework effort from 30 percent to 15 percent and non-engineering effort from 25 percent to 14 percent.

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